Valet Parking Services For Events

Express Valet provides valet parking for the following private events

  • private parties
  • showroom launch
  • private parking for new business opening
  • alternative parking for Funeral at landed premises

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Valet Parking For Private Events

Over the years we have grew a team of experienced drivers who are able to provide VIP services for your guests, providing alternative parking near your event / at your event space.

At Express Valet we take pride in our work and through different events, we have learnt about different scenarios that might happen. Every event is different however one thing is the same for sure, we take pride in our 3 core values, Safety, Integrity and Professionalism. Each attendant is trained to be courteous, professional, and efficient. We placed our clients objective as our end goal, to deliver value. Thus for different scenarios we will act in the best possible way to

What is our standard in Express Valet?

Maximum efficiency and minimizing wait times. By incorporating best practices like proper vehicle handling, effective communication, and proactive problem-solving, you enhance the overall guest experience. We also implement stringent protocols to protect vehicles from theft, damage, or unauthorized access.
Are your valet service able to drive all type of cars?
As in the night we run a drive home valet company, our team has the exposure to different car brands as well as exotic brands not in any order, rolls Royce, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. In view of the global direction towards electric cars, we are also starting to create content on electric vehicles to train our valets to be relevant in the ever-changing automotive industry. Such videos can be found on our instagram :

How do we quote?

We will advise the manpower based on the traffic, available parking, estimated number of guests. Private Event Parking creates a great experience for your guests as they no longer would need to stress and worry to find a parking spot for your private event at your venue. The valet service comes in extremely useful when the local authorities , would be around to catch the cars park illegally, our team would be on standby to shift the cars to a nearby parking location to prevent them from getting fined.

What’s included in each event setup would be the following:

  • Overall Project IC
  • Valet Booth to take over keys from guests
  • Valet Parking coupon
  • Traffic Marshallers
  • Cones / Cone Poles

Through the following different events we are able to streamline our operations improve guest flow and also mitigate common issues.

valet parking for private events
valet parking for private events